Donations to SAS help fund our schools’ programming and growth, and directly impact the education of current and future students. With over 1200 students on our waiting lists, we know that demand for our top-performing academic model is great. We desire to meet this growing need with:

  • Expanded facilities
  • Added classroom space
  • Development of common learning areas (campus libraries)

Your donation will help directly impact the growing needs of families in the surrounding Tallahassee community. We thank you in advance for any investment you can make into the excellence at SAS.

Partnership Policies & Procedures:

SAST and SASC will develop partnerships with businesses and educational institutions which help to further our schools’ mission. All partnership agreements will be approved by the Board of Directors.

Donate to SAS Foundation

Other Ways to Give

  • Become a Community/Business Partner
  • Become a Mentor
  • Volunteer
  • Donate time or resources

Volunteer Policies & Procedures:

Our schools were founded on the belief that parents and teachers would be partners in providing the best educational environment for the students. Parents are expected to volunteer at least two hours each month. Parents can check with their child’s teacher or check the school website for volunteering opportunities. Whenever a parent comes on campus to volunteer, she/he will sign in at the office and get an ID badge from the person at the front desk. The parent will sign out when leaving campus.