Refund Policy – Activity Fees/Donations

In most cases, the activity fees and donations are nonrefundable. However, exceptions may be made based on the following circumstances:

  • An application was completed and the fee was paid but it is later determined that the fee is not applicable (for example, fees collected for a student who qualifies for Free/Reduced Lunch).
  • An application was completed and more than one payment is rendered for the same application for the same time period.
  • More than one application was completed, and payment was remitted for both applications when a single application could have been updated without an additional payment.
  • Activity fee was paid, but student is withdrawn prior to school starting.
  • Other extenuating circumstances may be considered with appropriate supporting documentation.

Other Information

  • Refunds will be in US Dollars.
  • Cash refunds are not available.
  • Refund of payment by Credit/Debit card will be processed and credited back to the original credit/debit card or bank account when available.
  • If original payment was drawn on a U.S. domestic bank, allow eight weeks after your cancellation for your refund to be processed.

Appeals or questions regarding this policy should be referred to:

SAS at the Centre:

SAS on Thomasville Road: